Verse Peen

Groentebedrijf Baetsen B.V.

Groentebedrijf Baetsen B.V. is located at Witveldweg 9 in Grubbenvorst. The business is run by René and Teun Baetsen.

They grow about 20 hectares of carrots and about 8 hectares of celeriac per year, and they harvest their carrots from the end of June to the end of May.

Groentebedrijf Baetsen B.V. is a modern, open-ground vegetable growing business which specialises in carrots and celeriac. They grow their produce in an economically sound way with the focus on quality. Like the other VersePeen growers, Maatschap Baetsen is also GlobalGAP, ISO and QS certified.

Their aim is to harvest and deliver fresh carrots and celeriac every day.

Address data

Groentebedrijf Baetsen B.V.
Witveldweg 9
5971 NS  Grubbenvorst NL
T.  +31 (0) 773 661 424
F.  +31 (0) 773 664 477
M. +31(0) 654 922 298

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