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In 't Zandt Agro B.V.

In 't Zandt Agro B.V. is located at Tienrayseweg 26 in Meerlo. The business is run by Huub and Truus In ‘t Zandt, who have a total growing area of 35 hectares.

In 't Zandt Agro B.V. focuses on growing, washing and grading carrots. The motivation behind all their growing, washing and grading activities is to produce a top quality product. This manifests itself in carefully-packed, smooth carrots with a superb flavour. A safe product guaranteed by several different certifications. Huub and Truus work intensively every day from end of June to the start of June to supply perfect, fresh carrots - just the way our customers like them.

Address data

In 't Zandt Agro B.V.
Tienrayseweg 26
5864CJ Meerlo
T.  +31 (0) 478 690 074
M. +31 (0) 621 614 057