In 't Zandt Agro

In 't Zandt Agro B.V. focuses on growing, washing and grading carrots. The motivation behind all their growing, washing and grading activities is to produce a top quality product. This manifests itself in carefully-packed, smooth carrots with a superb flavour. A safe product guaranteed by several different certifications. Huub and Truus work intensively every day from end of June to the start of June to supply perfect, fresh carrots - just the way our customers like them.


In 't Zandt Agro B.V.

Tienraijseweg 26
5864 CJ Meerlo
T. +31 (0) 478 690 074

Huub in ‘t Zandt
M. +31 (0) 621 614 057
E. huub@zandtagro.nl
E. huub.inhetzandt@fossaeugenia.com

Koen in ‘t Zandt
M. +31 (0) 652 620 150
E. koen@zandtagro.nl
E. koen.inhetzandt@fossaeugenia.com

In 't Zandt team