Good preparation is the basis for success. For example, the soil type, how the soil is worked, the variety and the time of sowing are key factors in ensuring an optimal result. Many years of experience and expert growing advice have resulted in a product that is economical and environmentally sound to grow and that meets all our customers’ and consumers’ demands.
All our carrots are delivered polished. Polishing helps give FreshCarrot carrots a competitive edge in the market.

The carrots are usually supplied in medium height reusable crates (contents 12.5 kg)



A: 8 - 50 gram


B fine: 50 - 150 gram


B rough: 125 - 250 gram


C: 175 - 325


D: 250 - 475

Coloured carrots

In addition to standard orange carrots, we also supply coloured carrots. They are grown in the same environmentally friendly Planetproof way. The available colour options are: purple and purple + rainbow. The purple carrot is entirely purple, on the outside as well as the inside. The Rainbow mix consists of the colours orange, white, yellow and salmon pink. Of course coloured carrots are also delivered polished. In addition to standard packaging, coloured carrots can also be supplied in cardboard boxes of 5 kg.

Peeled carrots

The range of Groentebedrijf Baetsen B.V. In addition to traditionally washed carrots, this also concerns peeled carrots.


Peeled carrots


peeled carrots - chunks


FreshCarrot uses different varieties. At the end of June we will start the new season with Laguna and Napoli. The season ends with Nerac and Nairobi. The rest of the time, Maestro is mainly grown and packaged.

New varieties

We trial new varieties on a small scale every growing season, often at the request of breeding companies. This helps us establish whether a new variety might be suitable for the special VersePeen market. Our assessment criteria include flavour, presentation after washing and shelf-life. Any variety that scores more highly on these points than the standard at the time is tried out on a larger scale in the next growing season. In this way, the current varieties have also been selected in the past and included in the growing schedules of the FreshCarrot growers.